My review of author E. Denise Billups’ new thriller, KALORAMA ROAD

Do you remember what happened at 1414 Kalorama Road?”

Having recently lost her dream job as an editor at a major New York publishing house, kalorama-roadAllison “Allie” Bertrand reads once again the mysterious email that appears on her mobile phone like clockwork the same time each month. This disturbing message has been delivered for over a year, beginning soon after the night Allie–against her better judgment–accepted an Emsworth University classmate’s invitation to attend an off-campus party.

Allie hardly knows the attractive blonde, aside from sharing a couple of classes with her. But what harm could come from a night out? As it turns out, a lot. At the party Allie sips a drink while noticing most of the men in attendance are years older than the young ladies. Allie soon knows something is amiss. She feels woozy and can barely keep her balance. She wanders up a staircase, searching for a bathroom. Stumbling into a dark room, she feels herself falling, striking her head as she passes out.

Now, two years later, Allie still can recall almost nothing about what happened that night except a fleeting sense of someone–a young man she believes–carrying her downstairs, through hallways, and eventually outside. The next morning she awakens in her dorm room with no recollection of what occurred the night before. And then the ominous messages begin arriving: “What happened at 1414 Kalorama Road?”

With that foundation, author E. Denise Billups takes the reader on a wild and harrowing rollercoaster ride, building the storyline with layer upon layer of suspense, mystery, doubt, drama, and the chilling realization that someone, somehow, just might be trying to reach Allison Bertrand from beyond the grave. Using a handful of narrators, Billups keeps the reader turning pages at a fast clip. Just when you think you have things figured out, yet another sharp turn proves you wrong. You’re holding on tightly and wondering where and how this hair-raising ride will end. Billups keeps cranking up the tension with skillful storytelling reminiscent of a chilling Alfred Hitchcock movie.

So, what did happen at 1414 Kalorama Road? Read this book and find out. You won’t regret it.

(4.5 out of 5 stars due to some editing distractions)


About the Author

An author with a rare mixture of Southern and Northern charm, E. Denise Billups was born in Monroeville, Alabama, (hometown of writers Truman Capote and Harper Lee) and raised in New York City where she currently resides and works in finance. A burgeoning author of fiction, she’s published three suspense novels, Kalorama Road, Chasing Victory, By Chance, and two supernatural short stories, Rebound, and The Playground. An avid reader of mystery and suspense novels, she was greatly influenced by authors of that genre. When she’s not writing or reading, you can generally find her training for road races and marathons. She’s s a fitness fanatic who loves physical challenges of all types (running, biking, yoga, dance, and more) a discipline she uses to facilitate the creative writing process.


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