Change of Grade

Short-short story by Mystery Writer/Blogger Margot Kinberg:

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

From: Colin Drake []
To: Victor Worsley. []
Re: My Grade

Professor Worsley,

I am very concerned about my final grade in your class. You did not give me a passing grade, even though I turned in my assignments. I have gotten top grades in all of my classes, this is the first class where I didnโ€™t get an A. I hope you will consider my hard work and that i did turn in my assignments and change my grade.

Colin Drake

From: Victor Worsley []
To: Colin Drake []
Re: RE: My Grade

Dear Colin,

Thanks for your note. I can understand your concern about your grade. You did turn in your assignments; however, as I mentioned in the feedback, most of them were not complete. Incomplete assignments do not receive full credit. If you have questions about what was expected for each assignment, you may wish to reviewโ€ฆ

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