We’re back! For today, anyway. Max and I have a BIG favor to ask of YOU. See the headline (above) again, and then read on. Also, we hope to begin posting on MMO again on a regular, if limited, basis. More about that next time!

ed-not-eddieMax’s third Eli Sharpe Mystery, Ed, Not Eddie, and my third Mac McClellan Mystery, Deadly Dunes, have been nominated for InD’tale Magazine’s RONE AWARD in the Mystery category (Week-6).

51ldRn0Us+L._UY250_.jpgBecause of the number of nominees in the Mystery category, each voter can vote for two separate books. Max and I would be grateful for YOUR votes!

The catch is, the first round of voting is limited to subscribers of InD’tale Magazine. HOWEVER, subscribing is both FREE & EASY! It only takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t cost you a penny. Nor will your email or other information ever be shared. The five books receiving the most “readers” votes will advance to the next round where a panel of qualified judges will read each book and vote for a winner.

Here is the URL for the voting page:

Once there, you’ll see a highlighted “Subscribe” button at the top of the page. Click it to register your account. You can then proceed to the voting page and cast your vote(s). That’s it, but please don’t delay because voting ends May 28!

Max and I will certainly appreciate your support. THANKS!

Michael and Max



    1. I’m sorry, Sherry. I don’t know what the reason could be. Did you “log in” when you got to the page? It’s just to the right of the “Subscribe” button. It’s not highlighted. If you didn’t try that, would you please try again. Sorry to ask, but at this stage every vote counts. Thanks! 🙂


      1. Oops, I see where you said you “signed in.” I’m guessing you meant “logged in.” Thanks for trying, Sherry. Hey, don’t be a stranger. We’re planning on getting MMO up and running on a weekly-plus basis and will be looking for guest bloggers. Topics can be general. Hope you’ll participate! 🙂


  1. I had trouble getting access too. But I was able to vote and did so yesterday. The second time i put in my password i was allowed to vote. These are both extremely good books and i have read and reviewed both. Best to MMO

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  2. Thanks so much, my friend! I don’t know why they (InD’tale) make it so difficult. If you read through the comments on the various voting weeks, you’ll see a lot of people have difficulty voting. It’s frustrating and I can understand people not wanting to fool with it. Thanks for hanging in there with us, MJ!


  3. You got it, Mike! But you know I think Mac gets better with each episode! Also cast a vote for ED, NOT EDDIE. Wish you both the best in this 2017 RONE AWARD contest! ~~~ Andi

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