And so We Bid a Fond Farewell

Saying goodby is always tough. On behalf of Kait I’d like to express our thanks to each of you for making Motive Means Opportunity a success during its brief existence. Over the course of a year we’ve gathered over 2500 followers. Not bad at all, in my humble opinion. Alas, nothing on this mortal plane lasts forever. Kait and I are both behind on deadlines for our respective publishers. My work-in-progress beckons (as does my editor!). It’s been a good ride, but the old gray mare (meant as non-gender specific) is winded, sore, and tired. In short this humble blog has become too much for us to handle and still give our writing the time and respect it deserves.

But wait–nothing is forever–who said that? fond-farewell-1Maybe circumstances will, in the not-too-distant future, allow us to reopen MMO after deadlines and rest and a hundred other things right now beyond our control work themselves out. And so, instead of goodbye we wish you all a very fond Farewell!


E. Michael (Michael, Mike, Mikey, or Hey You!) Helms writes the Mac McClellan Mystery series for Camel Press (among other assorted stuff). Born in Georgia, raised in the Florida panhandle, he currently resides with his wife in the Upstate region of South Carolina in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

You can find him at his Amazon author page here:

e-michael-helms-headshotAnd his website:



16 thoughts on “And so We Bid a Fond Farewell

  1. Sometimes it is necessary to take a break with things. It does not mean that they are gone. I fully expect all of you to return when ready. A writer’s writing must be first or there is nothing to write about except rules. We have had the luck to have super writers in this blog and I am grateful that they have been willing to share, create, and give. That is very special as the blogs give life. They give more than could be expected and if we want to keep such writers around we must give them the time to write and as they finish projects give as they can. I understand the demands of marketing and have given up much so i could and am writing. It is sad that so much of our time is given to marketing. It is better to remember that the arts are created by creating and at different times there are different and always difficult ways to create. My best to all and I have learned much from these blogs so given in times of being tired and under stress. I guess there is not much to say but goodbye for now and thanks and wish all of you well.

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    1. I understand completely, but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss you and MMO. I’ve learned much from you all, and do hope the blog will return. Meanwhile, I’ll watch for those new novels!

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  2. I hope you keep connected with us, Michael and Kait! I understand. Blogging can really distract from the deep descent of writing by wrenching you up to the surface for small breaths. Blessings to you, ~Wendy

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  3. Hi Kaitlin and Michael,
    Thank you so much for your thoughts and stories. I have enjoyed reading your posts. And thank you for having me add a dog story. It was fun writing a light mystery. I understand how time consuming it must be do do a blog. I will be doing promotions on my next book, Starting Over, and for the first time will be guest posting every week. At least my novel will be written!
    I wish you both more free time to enjoy getting back to your own stories.

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  4. I’ve enjoyed being a reader of your blog, and a blogger on your blog, and both experiences have enriched my life. That said, I understand, I do. I often find my own blog all-consuming (although I always take the month of July off all social media). So, we’ll see you when we see you. All the best, Judy

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  5. Sniff…. sniff… [wipes eyes and nose with tissue]…With many thanks for the generosity the contributors of MMO have displayed in sharing not only your own experiences, but opening your platform to the rest of us to share what we’ve learned as well. Hopefully, this is truly a farewell and so …till we meet again!

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  6. I was feely rather “poorly” the past days (some virus going around these parts–including mine!), so I’ll now chime in my 2-cents worth for what it’s worth (around 2-cents): We’re going to miss all our regular readers and all our followers. It was a real kick hosting MMO, sharing the spotlight with all you guest posters, reading the comments of all who visited and left replies. WE thank YOU! And like Kait said above, we hope to be back. Meanwhile, if any of you wish to offer a post on occasion, mention a new book or other big news, write an article that will benefit our readership, please feel free to contact Kait or me and we’ll do our best to accommodate.
    And so, it’s off into the sunset–for now! 🙂

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  7. Oh no, I just read this now! Like you and Kait, things have been crazy lately so I’ve been unable to keep up on many things that I normally do (like blogging, reading blog posts, reading flash fiction, etc.). I understand the decision you and Kait have to make but that doesn’t diminish my sadness. I will miss this blog and admire how professional and informational it’s always been. I also appreciate the opportunities you have given me to guest blog (and how supportive you’ve been, Michael). Good luck with future endeavors and I’ll hope to see MMO once again in the near future! This is NOT goodbye! 🙂

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