This Is Hard by Kait Carson

One of the biggest tenets of mystery writing is playing fair with the reader. That makes this blog hard to write. My first instinct was to write something frothy and fun. Always leave ‘em laughing, right? Then I thought about writing something deep and meaningful. But hey, this is Kait, who would buy that? Mike is the deep one in the group. Me, I’m comic relief.

So, with all of my options foreclosed, I guess I’ll come clean. This is my last blog with MurderMeansOpportunity. Don’t get me wrong, it ain’t that I don’t love you, or blogging here. I do. It has been a great experience and I’ve loved every minute of it, and I fully intend to hang around in the shadows and hold everyone accountable for what happens here. It’s just I realized that no matter how I cut the cake, I couldn’t figure out a way to get more than 24 hours out of a day. I tried, oh how I tried. My own writing was taking a back seat to the fun of blogging. And blogging is a lot of fun. You see, blogging has a start and a finish. That siren song calls loudly when you’re stuck in the middle of a rough plot point. There I would be, trying to get Hayden or Catherine out of the corner and the blog would call, “Kait, come on, you know you want me. Five hundred words, beginning, middle, end. No complications, just in and out.”

Blogging was becoming like crack. The opiate of the stuck writer. Easy to turn to when all else failed and not only that, it was free! With a weekly blog to write, it was too available. I had to take control again. So, a difficult decision was made. The time had come to cut the cord. I had to kill my darling and turn my back on MMO. I’ll be lurking though. You can count on that. And I hope that when my next book releases someone here will invite me back for a guest blog. Mike, please?

I’m going to miss you all, but I’ll still be dropping by to comment. And if anyone wants to drop by Mysteristas, I’m there on the first Tuesday of most months (February 28th this month), and I can usually be found on Writers Who Kill on the fourth Saturday of the month. Hope to catch you all there.

Wish me luck!

Author photos 009Kait Carson lives in an airpark in south central Florida with a pilot husband, eight tropical birds, and six rescue cats. By day, she’s a practicing probate and litigation paralegal, in the evening, legal pads give way to a keyboard, and she spins tales of murder and mayhem set in the tropical heat. Kait writes two series, the Catherine Swope series, set in Miami, and the Hayden Kent series set in the Fabulous Florida Keys.

Kait loves to hear from readers, check out her website at; follow her on Facebook at, on Twitter at @kaitcarson, or e-mail her at




15 thoughts on “This Is Hard by Kait Carson

  1. Gee, Kait I was wondering if you were superwoman with all you were doing and wondering how you were getting ANY sleep. Your blogs have been great and glad you will be lurking. It is so hard to blog and market and get the writing done and reading people’s books too. I gave up the many blogs I was doing on my website as it was draining me dry and my writing suffered. Now I’m ticking along with the writing. I was mainly entertaining people with the news stories and after several thousand and two years it was enough. Now I just concentrate on promoting other authors from their blogs and it is better. This site is fine and is not draining to comment on and read but i understand from your POV it would be quite different. Best and look forward to your books.

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    1. Thanks, MJ, sleep was becoming a scarce commodity, but worse, my writing was suffering. I can see that you understand my dilemma. It’s a tough one because, frankly, blogging is so much FUN! I’ll miss everyone, but we’ll catch up on this and on other forums.


  2. Thank you, Kait. I’ve enjoyed your posts, and I completely understand. I’ve been yearning for a cabin in the woods lately without wifi so I can just dream and write and not be seduced by the internet monster. Be well. Blessings ~Wendy

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    1. Thanks, Micki – Looking forward to meeting you at the Key West Writer’s Conference! I have to admit I had a great time trying to do it all, but too much was suffering, and it was time for a reality check. There is something so satisfying about blogging. A beginning, middle, end all in one sitting. Imagine!

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  3. Kait, this is great news — because it means you’re busy busy busy with the thing we all love to do, and that’s write mysteries. It’s also sad news, as we’ll all miss your insightful posts. I guess that means I’ll never find out what happened to those kids in at your school whose fathers’ “associates” made you feel so safe. Best of luck to you!

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    1. Well, There may be a fictionalized version in an anthology, ya gotta admit, Ellen, they are true anthology fodder, but in real life, Most went on and married, one is a writer of children’s books, one married into the family business, one is a lawyer and is running the family business (is there a lawyer joke there?) and all are truly wonderful people. What most people miss about the 1960s/70s is that these were family people who were very protective of not only their families but of other families (even adversaries). The rough and tumble stuff was largely history, although some still went on, I’m, sure. And there were times of threats – thus the associates. But the events of the Sopranos, while fun to watch were more of an earlier day and age–with some exceptions. And every family had an Uncle Junior with a gorgeous voice. The men were trained from choir days.


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