I’m Thankful

My first thought for a blog today was to post an “I’m On Vacation” picture. You know, the classic chair on the beach, tropical drink on the table. I am on vacation, and it’s Thanksgiving week. Two perfect excuses for taking a day off. That’s when inspiration hit.


This is Thanksgiving, and I’m thankful for a lot of things.

I’m thankful for E. Michael Helms and Max Everhart the founders of this blog who shanghaied me into writing a weekly blog. (“Oh,” wrote Max, “only 250 words on so, or writing.”) FLW (famous last words – I love acronyms. Makes me think I could actually IM someone). We miss you Max, but wish you the best. And really, I can’t say hello in 250 words. But I guess you’ve noticed.

I’m thankful for the blog. It makes me focus at least once a week on the writing life, and expressing it. I’m thankful for the commenters when I do post. You make me think, and often give me new ideas.

I’m thankful for the vast number of writers who have been willing to guest on MotiveMeansOpportunity. We were a new blog when we first reached out and the response has been impressive. I confess to having more than one personal fan moment. Our guests have introduced us to new books, writing tips, new concepts, and expanded our reach to new readers on a variety of topics. We love them for that—and are inviting each back when it suits them.

Most of all, I’m thankful for our readers. It takes an internet to make a blog successful. Without a regular readership, a blog withers on the vine and dies. Thank you, each of you, who read us and/or comment on a regular basis. Know that this blog belongs to you as well.

What am I grateful for this Thanksgiving? Each and every person reading this blog, and those willing to guest with us, and my blog partners. Write On!


Author photos 009Kait Carson lives in an airpark in south central Florida with a pilot husband, seven tropical birds, and six rescue cats. By day, she’s a practicing probate and litigation paralegal, in the evening, legal pads give way to a keyboard, and she spins tales of murder and mayhem set in the tropical heat. Kait writes two series, the Catherine Swope series, set in Miami, and the Hayden Kent series set in the Fabulous Florida Keys.

Kait loves to hear from readers, check out her website at www.kaitcarson.com; follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kaitcarsonauthor, on Twitter at @kaitcarson, or e-mail her at kait.carson@gmail.com.



11 thoughts on “I’m Thankful

  1. Aw shucks, Kait. Thanks for the kind words. You’ve expressed very well how I feel about MMO and all who visit and/or participate. What’s the purpose if we can’t be a voice to others with something to say and share! Very nice post. Now, go enjoy your week in the sun! 🙂

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  2. By all means enjoy a vacation Kait! I am always interested in what you come up with for MMO. You enrich it with each new “find”. Yes, Michael is a treasure. And as for Sue’s blog I just visited it and loved it and tried to join to get updates but I think my email ended in au and if so I won’t get it. It is a strange and chilling read.


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