A Family Affair?

My husband announced the other day that he is writing a book. For those of you who don’t know my husband, he is a former Marine. I know, there is no such thing as a former Marine, but no one has ever given me a more accurate terminology. In his case, even non-practicing Marine will not work. Until our HOA decided that having Future Marines here (high schoolers who had committed to service but whose entry was deferred until

Husband on Far Right

graduation) was not a “good fit” he was giving twice weekly physical training to the recruits to prepare them for boot camp. So maybe Marine it is. What does that have to do with writing. Nothing. What does that have to do with mindset? Everything. This man will write a book. Not only that, he is convinced that he will make a screenplay out of the book.

Presentation of a K-Bar to an outstanding recruit

I am in awe of the fact that he It’s decided to write, and vastly impressed that he has 30,000 words on paper already. He’s chugging right along and I am dying to see how it all turns out. My husband is an engineer. His lingua franca is numbers, not words. Except for technical journals and books on subjects so esoteric that the titles need interpretation he does not read. Not fiction, not non-fiction (except for the aforementioned books and journals) and not literary works. Although in his defense, he does own the complete works of Shakespeare, Twain, Dickens, Doyle, and the like. And he’s read them, and he knows the content and he can cite chapter and verse in many cases. So, he has read, but does not currently read…non-technical works.

Why thingthen do I have my doubts? I’m not sure that I do. His book is, from that I can gather, science fiction. It will make good use of his technical background. He is also a huge sci-fi movie fan. Again, as in his reading, nothing current, but the classic sci-fi movies of the 1950s and 1960s. He’s a stickler for accuracy, and he picks up the inconsistencies. He has an ear for language, speaks three fluently, so he’s no stranger to the English language, its grammar, and its nuances.

There are also plenty of married couples who write, some apart, some collaborate. Jonathan and Faye Kellerman come to mind at once. Stephen and Tabitha King are another famous writing couple. Peter Dickinson and Robin McKinley write in different genres as well. So, it’s been done before, and will be again. It’s fun to have him pick my brain with what I consider beginner questions. How many words are in your chapters? What font do you use? How do you format a page? I introduced him to Scrivener and Scapple and now he’s teaching me how to make better use of both.

I doubt we’ll ever collaborate, but I think there’s plenty of room under our roof for two writers in different genres. And it’s fun to teach the craft and learn it again through his eyes. I hope he remembers to thank me when he wins the Academy Award for best screenwriter. He’s that kind of guy. He does nothing by half-measures.

What about you, do you and your husband share careers or avocations? How would you feel if you did?


11 thoughts on “A Family Affair?

  1. Hmm . . . well, I don’t have a husband, but my wife is a savvy editor and does a wonderful job of helping to improve my writing. Your hubby is a former (or, whatever) Marine, huh? Fat chance he will finish his book. It’s well known that Marines can’t even tell proper time; they are reduced to saying, “Mickey’s (Mickey Mouse) big hand is on the 12, and his little hand is on the 3.” That’s three o’clock for those of you who are uninformed as to how Marines keep time. They don’t call ’em “Jarheads” for nothing, you know.

    I do favor his choice of ’50s and ’60s sci-fi movies. Hey, who will ever top the original “The Blob,” or “The Thing,” or “The Fly,” or “The 50-Foot Woman?” At least he has good taste running in his favor.

    Well, thanks for letting us know that another Tolstoy or Dickens is on the horizon. It’s been far too long since a truly gifted artiste has blessed the literary world. I, for one, can hardly wait! Please let me know when the book is available for pre-order. I’m sure ol’ Chesty is looking down with pride in his heart and an almost smile on his face!

    Semper Fi,

    P.S. All the above was stated with tongue firmly planted in cheek!

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    1. Gee and I thought you were serious!!! LOL. What is it with the sci fi stuff? I guess it was the time. Lloyd Bridges died on Spaceship X, Honey West had the robot from Lost in Space (or was that The Day the Earth Stood Still?) then the Joker found aliens who injected victims with alcohol. Of course, the army got involved. as for me, I was under my desk much of that time covering up with newspaper in the event of nuclear attack. Good thing we had real desks in those days, not those one piece things that pass for desks today!

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  2. Well Oorah! to both of you Kait and Michael. I hope your husband enjoys his writing and produces something great Kait. As for my husband he is strictly mechanically oriented. He is boss of a crew of guys who bellow at each other and he can fix just about anything. He is a perfectionist and banned me from doing the laundry because I turned all his shorts pink. I was probably analyzing something and I never fold anything it all goes into a basket when dry. He folds with a ruler. I wouldn’t dream of involving him in my writing other than an occasional “Will you listen to this?” I get five minutes of attention but he has a feeling for short things I share. He does like to talk about movie plots. He can be quite charming and doesn’t bellow at me and does fix all the things I mess up. As far as work goes it would never be a family affair.

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  3. LOL MJ – Mine can fix most things, but rarely does. Not until I call a repair person and he finds out the cost! Sounds like you have a good guy there – laundry and all. I am thinking of trying the pink shorts thing and seeing what happens 🙂

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  4. My wife read my first novel and said it stunk. Didn’t speak to her for a day or two and then she said to stop moaning and write another one. She is a sharp editor and pretty cute too. Most importantly as it relates to revisions: she is tougher than a two dollar steak. Would never collaborate with her on a book though. Writing is a solitary endeavor. Least it should be.

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