Opportunity Knocks

You may have noticed things are a bit different here on MotiveMeansOpportunity. Max Everhart, a founder of this blog, is on sabbatical. Wait, I said that wrong, our very own SHAMUS finalist Max Everhart is on sabbatical. I love writing SHAMUS finalist. Can’t wait ‘till I can write SHAMUS award winning

Max’s sabbatical means we have some space to fill, and we are reaching out to you. Yep, you, and you, and you. If you’ve got a book coming out, want to freshen sales, have a short story to introduce to an audience, write flash fiction…we’re open to it.

We’ve got a great lineup of guests, but we’d like to fill all the dates on the calendar.

Speaking of calendars – mark yours:

August 9th – Sheila Lowe

August 12th –  Sandra de Helen

August 19th – Judy Penz Sheluk

August 23rd – James M. Jackson

August 26th –  DJ Adamson

September 9th – Nancy Cole Silverman

You don’t want to miss out on these authors!

To see your name on this list contact me: Kait Carson at kim.striker.author@gmail.com (you knew Kait was a pen name…right?) Or E. Michael Helms at emhelms63@yahoo.com


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