Calling all Guest Posters!



Our own Max Everhart is taking a few weeks off for personal reasons. Therefore, we at Motive Means Opportunity need YOU to fill in with Friday guest posts until Max returns.

We’re looking for posts dealing with ANYTHING relating to the mystery/crime/thriller/suspense genres. You get the picture–whether you are an author, or not-yet-published writer, reader, or lover of the genres, WE WANT YOU!

An article about any topic dealing with the above genres is welcome. Five hundred to a thousand words–more or less–is fine (we’re not picky with word counts). Send your posts to:   or

and we’ll take care of the rest! Simply copy/paste your entry into the body of an email, or send as a word.doc attachment. Sorry, there’s no payment involved, but you WILL have your byline and will be welcome to use your post for other venues (with crediting MMO as the original publisher).




So, how easy is that! You’re welcome to submit how-to articles, whatever articles (dealing with the aforementioned genres), or even short stories or sample portions of your current work-in-progress. We at Motive Means Opportunity will give you full credit for your post, and will be happy to include your photo, proposed cover, web links, or most anything (within limits) to promote your work.




So, fire away–we look forward to your submissions!


10 thoughts on “Calling all Guest Posters!

    1. Thanks, Kait–looks like it’s going well so far. Don’t forget to reach out to any of your writer friends if you think they might be interested. The more the merrier. We can always post on Tuesdays & Thursdays if we can corral enough willing writers!


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