The Windows of my Discontent

Writers write.  That’s what we do. Most of us write on computers. And many of us use writing programs. I’m a Scrivener aficionado. Love it. For me, it’s the perfect program. It lets me write very stream of consciousness and then put everything in order later. Got a great idea for an ending, or a scene that should have been in the first few chapters? Write it, then drag and drop it where you want to. Scrivener also lets me make index cards in what they call the “corkboard” that I can mark by point of view character and mark them by story function. So, I know that if I have five red herrings, I need to have five red herrings resolved. It’s a great program for writers.Scrivener

But that’s not what this blog is about. This blog is about Windows. Specifically, Windows 10. A bit of backstory. Back when Windows 7 came out—late 2009, my laptop was giving me trouble so, I bought a brand new Asus laptop. 17” all the bells and whistles. Yum. It’s a great laptop. Notice the present tense. The thing is still ticking along. And it’s working well. No complaints. So, why change? Research shows that laptops have a five-year life. At the outside. Mine was rapidly approaching seven. Little things were beginning to happen. Nothing terrible, and nothing that could not be attributed to operator error. Fear was beginning to invade my writing life. Writing is hard enough without that.

Then, as everyone knows, Windows 10 came out. Wasn’t too big a stretch to realize that Windows 7 was going the way of Vista and XP. Pretty soon, it would be impossible to update programs or buy newer peripherals. The handwriting was on the wall. Instead of rushing out and buying a new laptop with either Windows 7 or Windows 8 (God forbid) I decided to wait until the preloads were available. And they had to be available on an Asus laptop. You just can’t argue with seven years of service!Asus

The big day happened last month. I waited until I had an uncommitted weekend (after tax season—couldn’t risk my Quicken information) and I decided to buy a Windows 10 laptop. Best Buy also had a deal on the Microsoft Office suite so I got that too. Friday night I sat down to do the program downloads (piece of cake, they went like silk). Saturday, I decided to download my Mozy backup. 9,200 files—who knew! That took until Sunday afternoon since I did not stay up to push a button every time the laptop went to sleep. And therein lies the story.

I do not trust “the Cloud.” The Cloud is nothing more than a server located God knows where. I don’t want my information on the Cloud. I want my information local, and backed up regularly to the secure servers of Mozy. Never a breach since I’ve been using them. I trust them. OK, I downloaded my files to the computer, not the Cloud. And then I discover, I do not have administrator privileges to OPEN them in any of the programs. Cover your ears, those of you faint of heart—WTF! I own the computer, I bought the computer, I am the sole user of the computer, what does Microsoft mean I DON’T HAVE ADMINISTRATOR PRIVILIGES!

Things get worse. I am not a technology savvy person, and it’s Sunday. I tried searching, on Microsoft and on Google. Most of what I found were similar complaints. OK, no help there. So, taking my courage in both hands, I went to…the settings section. No joy. Following that, and an ever increasing vocabulary that would make a truck driver proud, I went to C drive, users, my name, my documents and right clicked. Low and behold, there was a place called properties. I took a deep breath and clicked. Once there, I found security options. Though some trial and error, I managed to give myself editor rights. I clicked apply. The drive began showing all of my files, one after another. Not sure what hell I might have unleashed, I broke out in a cold sweat. Finally, it finished and I opened Scrivener. GLORY BE—I was able to open my saved stories. Including my current WIP that’s 50% done.WINDOWS-10-wallpaper

I did it! I conquered Windows 10. Now that I figured out how to get to my stuff, know what. I LIKE this program. It’s clean and easy to use. Yes, I think Windows 10 and I may have at least a five-year future together.

Have you taken the Windows 10 plunge yet? What do you think?

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13 thoughts on “The Windows of my Discontent

  1. Ah, Windows 10. I’ve been putting off updating mine since transitioning to 8. I can’t tell you the number of times I almost threw my laptop out the window trying to get used to it (does 10 have all the aggravating swipe gestures and hotkeys too?) IMO the very best Windows operating system was XP, straightforward and simple, and I didn’t open 17 programs and zoom out 500% just trying to scroll down a page ;-). A very entertaining piece, thanks for the encouragement and helpful tips!

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  2. Hi Johanna, Windows 10 was far more friendly that I had suspected. Not much different from Windows 7 except for the diluted color scheme of the programs. The neat thing is you train it so there is hope. The Windows 8 part that they kept seems to relate to the tiles on the landing page. I got rid of them, now I have my familiar icons! Fingers crossed you have the same experience.

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  3. Kait, you WOULD have to write about Windows 10. GRRRRrrrrr! I’ve had for several months now. It scrambled all my files and put them in whatever folder it decided things should go. My pictures are in a couple dozen or more folders; all the ones I’ve downloaded since getting W10 are neatly in order under the year/month. The rest? Your guess is as good as mine!
    I also can’t open some programs I had no problems with using W7. I get prompts saying I don’t have authority to access this, that, or the other; or I need this, that, or the other in order to use such and such. Oh, and my bookmarks? Forgetaboutit! A disaster. Don’t know where to find what. It’s a mess. Okay, rant over. Be on the lookout for questions from yours truly about how to navigate Windows 10. Ugh!

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  4. Part of my benefit is I did not update any pre-existing Windows. I bought the laptop with Windows 10 so some of the compatibility issues were probably already worked out. I did download my files from my backup program. I do know how to fix the administrator problem though. Here’s the secret…OSC (or whatever your computer is designated on the “tree.” Then go to users, then go to your name, then go to my documents, Right click on documents, you will open a window that says has a laundry list, click on properties, that will open a window. Go to the security tab, highlight users and click edit. You will see a bunch of boxes open in the window below. These are the permissions. Double click on allow, this will put check-marks in all the boxes. Click on apply, a few thousand file names will shoot by and you will have heart failure wondering what you did. Click on OK when that stops and suddenly, you can access your own files! Easy peasy 🙂

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  5. I am nagged daily to upgrade to Windows 10 free from 8.1 I did some research and it appears the settings send all data to Windows and in order to keep that from happening you have to turn off each thingey and after other data updates it appears to revert back to its undercover agent status. I learned this on YouTube from a video. Considering that Microsoft is owned by Gates and he funds many nefarious “charities” to end world hunger by putting what amounts to napalm on our croplands which are now tainted with Round Up ready seeds that DO NOT regenerate as seeds should, I considered getting a Mac. It’s more expensive, but I have to have a service that regularly cleans out my 8.1 and fixes whatever problems I have with malware since I have strange research needs that may lead me anywhere at all. I fancy it doesn’t matter in the long run, but I have spent enough on this iron horse to have bought a Mac in the beginning. You don’t like the cloud and I wonder where all our info will end up in not too distant future. Being Administrator is necessary in so many procedures and I am glad you figured it out. I’m still on the fence. Have to research Mac. Best to you Kait!

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  6. Yeah, but so did I! I’m still plagued with scrambled files, can’t access files, don’t have this, don’t have that, ETC!!! Guess I’m just spectacularly computer challenged!
    –Mike (the Ignoramus)

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  7. Nah. If it’s an earlier version of 10 it could be challenged anyway! When I was computer shopping the salespeople were not saying good things about the first loads. And I haven’t been through any new update cycles. I understand that’s where it gets tricky. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I waited long enough.

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