MMO Short Story Competition is now open!


MMO Short Story Competition

We’re looking for short mystery stories! Think you can write an engaging and fully-developed mystery in 1,500 words or less? Yeah? All right then, prove it! Enter the first ever MMO Short Short Competition. The winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card, get his or her story published on our amazing website, and he or she will get to return to MMO at a later date to be interviewed by us! Pretty good deal, right? Oh, and I left out the best part: the winner will earn the undying respect of the scribes here at MMO!

Contest Rules

  • All stories must be submitted to by June 1st. Entries not meeting the guidelines below will be disqualified. Each entrant must provide a legitimate email address. There is a limit of (1) story per person. Winner will be announced by July 1st.
  • Entries must be 1,500 words or less. BE SURE OF YOUR WORD COUNT! Entries exceeding the word limits will be disqualified. Type the exact word count (counting every single word, except the title and contact information) at the top of the manuscript
  • Your entry must be original, in English, unpublished and unproduced, not accepted by any other publisher or producer at the time of submission. MotiveMeansOpportunity retains one-time nonexclusive publication rights to the winning entries to be published on MotiveMeansOpportunity. Any piece posted online is considered published.
  • All manuscripts must be double-spaced. Your name must appear in the upper left-hand corner of the first page. Save your manuscripts as Word files (.doc, .docx) or RTF (.rtf). Send your manuscripts to as email attachments.

A Word from the Judges

We’re putting on this contest for love, not money.  We love to read good work, and we want to give emerging writers out there a chance to be published. So, pretty please, don’t give us any grief if your story isn’t selected for publication. Our decisions are final, and we will not provide feedback on any stories. . .unless one of us happens to feel like doing it at the time.

Thanks, and we look forward to reading your work!


Kait, Mike, and Max


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